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Our line of thoughtfully chosen and sourced non-gluten, non-dairy baked goods is on sale at the Island Roots Farmer's Market and the Qualicum Beach Farmer's Market. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see when we're there!

Meet the Lineup

Our four products include: Coconut Bliss Bars, Tahini Cookies, Breakfast Cookies and Black Bean Brownies. Each entirely their own, we have you covered for all of your baked good needs; breakfast (or a meal on-the-go), afternoon snacks, sweet treats for after dinner, and a chocolate-y delight, perfect for any time of day or night!

Cult Classic: Coconut Bliss Bar

Our best-seller and sweetest treat, the Coconut Bliss Bar began as a dessert my Mom made for us when I was younger, and was the first thing I learned to bake on my own. I swapped a modified the recipe to make these Bliss Bars without gluten or dairy, and they are now a coconut forward, thin and crispy indulgence! These are a perfect afternoon snack with tea or coffee, or for dessert. For a firmer texture, enjoy them from the fridge or the freezer. For a chewy, gooey texture, have them at room temperature or slightly warmed in the microwave or oven!

Ingredients: organic sweetened condensed coconut milk (organic coconut milk, organic cane sugar), gluten-free graham-cracker crumbs (sugars [brown sugar*, cane sugar, tapioca syrup, molasses*], pea starch, non-hydrogenated shortening [palm oil, modified palm oil**], brown rice flour, potato starch*, sweet rice flour, tapioca starch, water, rice bran, salt, sodium bicarbonate, pea protein, natural flavour, pea fibre, inulin, sunfliwer lecithin, mono calcium phosphate, modified cellulose, guar gum. May contain: eggs), organic coconut, Non-GMO chocolate chips.

*=Non-GMO. **=RSPO Certified.

Breakfast Cookies

Made with a wide variety of ingredients to start your day with a range of nutrients, these cookies pack a nutritional punch! They are balanced with fat and protein to keep you full for hours. These come in a three-pack, but depending on your appetite and metabolism, one or two would be enough for a meal, and the rest can be saved for an afternoon snack!

Ingredients: *buckwheat flour, *oats, almond flour, *coconut oil, *pumpkin seeds, chocolate chips, *coconut, *maple syrup, *cranberries, *chia seeds, molasses, *flax seeds, *cinnamon. *Organic.

Tahini Cookies

It's as if an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie met a peanut butter cookie, but using tahini (sesame seed butter) instead! These little power balls are the perfect pair with a day on-the-go, and are easily thrown into a purse or backpack for easy and thoughtful snacking throughout your day! I sometimes have them for breakfast, too! They are basically like oatmeal in cookie form!

Ingredients: Organic sprouted oats, organic tahini (may contain traces of tree nuts), organic maple syrup, organic ceylon cinnamon, non-GMO dark chocolate chips and sea salt.

Black Bean Brownies

Like if fudge and a brownie had a beautiful baby! These rich, soft brownies are the perfect remedy for your chocolate cravings! Filled with fat from the coconut oil and fibre and protein from the black beans, these brownies are a much more balanced treat than the sugar spike and crash that comes with traditional baked goods.

Ingredients: *black beans, *coconut oil, *maple syrup, *dates, *cocoa powder, non-GMO chocolate chips, *flax seeds, water. *Organic.

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