Inspiration and Motivation for Healthy Living Long-Term

Meet Heather Carter



Go Nourish grew from my passion for the healing powers of food and a nourishing lifestyle, and inspired me to get a diploma in Nutrition, Diet and Health Science after my Degree in Dance. I worked as the Nutritionist and Chef at a care facility for adults with brain injuries for two years prior to starting Go Nourish. I aim to spread a message of holistic health (more than the body's physical symptoms) and environmental sustainability. Go Nourish is a marriage of everything I have learned. I am so glad you are here; thanks for coming by.

I have always wished to create a life that aligns with my passions and values: travelling, eating, laughing, exploring, and preserving this beautiful Earth of ours. The 9-5 grind never appealed to me, really; I crave adventure and newness and don't love taking direction from others.

My love of good food started with my wonderful parents, who prioritised making dinners for the whole family to enjoy together. From a young age I was in dance, which propelled my understanding of the relationship between my body and food, especially at University for my Degree. The better I ate, the more energy I had to move. Dance also taught me an incredible amount of discipline. I learned the benefits of regularly moving my body, as well as the importance of rest - or rather, the damage that can occur from an absence of it.

My passion for the environment was ignited while volunteering at a turtle refuge in Ostional, Costa Rica. The tremendous amount of ocean plastics was truly astonishing. It demonstrated the consequences of our senseless actions and inspires me to be a better person every day. Let's find a way to tread lightly - and leave nothing but footprints - together.

I see and appreciate every aspect of health.

My goal is to share with and inspire you to Go Nourish yourself, others and the environment.