Farm Fridays!

Fridays are for the farm!

​​Sadly, no longer in the same capacity as they were just a couple months ago (which feels like years?), but soon we will be back in action, I’m confident! That said, I wanted to share one of our farm adventures from earlier this year, in February. We were transplanting corn mache - a winter salad green that is high in Vitamin A and C, folate, potassium and manganese.

We had to transplant because they weren’t taking well to the original soil. The week prior, we pulled all of these guys from the ground. Then one of the farm workers, and our go-to for tasks each week, turned the soil and hit it with a nice dose of manure (the lighter brown stuff on top in the photo below). Queue Heather and Lezah to come in and replant. Honestly I don’t think I knew I had my hands in straight manure until I'd already gone for it, bare-handed! A valuable lesson was learned though… sometimes life is shit, and you just gotta get your hands in there and get dirty.

In a perfect world, we would have planted in a straight line, but as we ALL know (especially right now) the world isn't perfect, and neither are we.

What is perfect, though, is this next photo of Lezah and I, and the most beautiful farm dog, Kootenay, who - full disclosure - I was convinced was named Roscoe for FAR too many weeks of us volunteering. Again, I’m not perfect, but any day that starts at the farm certainly is, even if you end up wrist-deep in manure. I’m sure our microbiomes thanked us!

Wishing you a shit-free, nourish-full weekend,

Your pal,