Amazon Favourites

Welcome to a collection of all my favourite products from Amazon! While I absolutely love and stand by supporting local, I understand that sometimes the most cost-effective way to make purchases is through our friendly giant, Amazon. Products features here are ones that I have tried and love. Please note I may make a commission from products purchased through these links.

Green Beaver is a Canadian company committed to making high-quality body and oral care products. I like their "enamel protect" best, but that is currently unavailable. This sensitive teeth formula is the next best thing. Using xylitol instead of fluoride, this toothpaste protects against plaque build up without the potentially harmful effects of using fluoridated products. When looking for a toothpaste with xylitol as the active ingredient, make sure you're looking for one above 10%. This toothpaste is 20%!

These Made with Local granola bars are my obsession right now! A Canadian company created on the East Coast, the owners started at a Farmers Market years ago, and are now in major grocery stores across the country, including Costco. 

The mint chocolate chip is so refreshing and feels more like a cookie than a healthful snack. I love that these are made using natural peppermint oil instead of the artificial flavours most companies use. They also have so many more amazing flavours!

Working from home more, I found myself hunched over on the couch with my laptop a lot! We like to eat in the family room most of the time, and hunching over the table to eat was not ideal. We purchased this coffee table and it has been amazing. The lift top provides storage in addition to the drawers, and when it's lifted it sits at perfect dining and working height. The drawers can be placed on either side: opposite to the lift, or on the same side. We chose the same side so that when we were working we could access the drawers without getting up. Work smarter, not harder!

A recent go-to in our house for lunch has been Annie's! I love that it's made with real, organic ingredients. It's so quick to make, and we try and have a few boxes on hand at any given time. If I feel I'm missing some veggies, I add in whatever I have on hand: spinach, green peas, even broccoli. For extra protein, we've added in salami, kolbassa, or leftover chicken. We also absolutely enjoy it just as it is at times, too. There's something very nostalgic about it, and it feels great to know that it's a better option for our health than it's original counterpart!