Our Summer Wellness Guide 

Our next digital product! The Go Nourish Summer Wellness Guide is another season-specific guide to wellness. Learn about what happens to our bodies and energies in the summer, and various self-care practices that align with the season. Clicking the "Buy Now" button will take you to our checkout page. Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive a link to download your guide within 48 hours of purchase.

The Best-Seller

Our Tahini Cookies are our most versatile treat. Perfect for an afternoon snack, fuel on the go, a great breakfast or even dessert! Made with organic gluten-free oats, organic Fair-trade tahini, organic true cinnamon, Non-GMO vegan chocolate chips and Himalayan salt, these cookies are simply delicious. At just $5 a pair, these cost less than my favourite latte order.

"Now those are stupid delicious." - a valued customer.

Not much more we can say than that!

Health, Wellness and Everyday Life Meet. Sustainably.

The Dessert Classic

Our Coconut Bliss Bar is a favourite for coconut lovers. Made with organic sweetened condensed coconut milk, gluten-free graham "style" crumbs, organic coconut and chocolate chips, these bars are thin, crispy and gooey. Perfect to pair with afternoon tea or coffee, or a great after dinner treat.

Comes in a vacuum sealed two-pack.

Go Nourish Tip: Enjoy these from the fridge or the freezer, it makes them firm up and also cuts the sweetness slightly. 

Experience Thoughtful Well-being

At Go Nourish, we believe that health is about more than the physical body and it's symptoms, and want to inspire you to take charge of your health, in every aspect. We aim to inform you on health, wellness, the environment and how they interweave. 

Enjoy our first products: a line of thoughtfully created gluten free, vegan baked goods available from two Farmers' Markets on Vancouver Island.

The Sneaky Treat

These fudgey, gooey black bean brownies are packed with fibre and proteins from black beans that you wouldn't even know were there! 

A base or organic coconut oil and organic maple syrup are joined by organic black beans, organic cocoa powder, organic dates, baking powder and topped with dark chocolate chips.

Why "Go Nourish"? 

In order to fuel and maintain a complex vehicle like the human body, you must nourish your cells, giving them what they need to thrive, through everything you put in and on your body. We don't know what works best to nourish YOU from the inside out; your exact nutrient needs, your stressors, how you manage them, how you move your body, or how you challenge your brain - and we want to help you figure it out! The "go" of our name is a call to action for everyone to set off, or continue on their own nourishing journey


because no one knows you like you do. 

Our Promise

Go Nourish believes in the power of nature. We stand as stewards and advocates for the environment. We strive to exemplify these ideals through every action we take, as well as each product and service we use and provide. We will demonstrate a positive example for you, our community. We promise to spread kindness and positivity, and hope that you will be inspired to do the same. 

2021 Highlight: 

Gingerbread Cookie Kit Donation for Mamas for Mamas - Vancouver Island

For The Mom Market Vancouver Island November market, we donated 200 single Gingerbread Person Decorating kits to Mamas for Mamas - Vancouver Island. A total donation of $1000! We love giving back to the amazing community that makes us who we are!

Each kit had a homemade gingerbread man, homemade icing, and candy pieces.

About Heather


Heather is lighthearted, energetic and devoted to health, wellness and the environment. She pursued a diploma in Nutrition, Diet and Health Science after obtaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance. Combining her creativity and desire to help others, she created Go Nourish to spread a message of kindness and empathy, and wants to share her knowledge and positive outlook with the world.  

On the Blog

Need something to crush that sweet craving? My favourite cookies are so quick to whip up; no more than 15 minutes from the moment I decide to make them until they're in the oven. Healthy just got a lot more attainable... and delicious.

Growing up with a severe peanut and treenut allergy in the family, I know the limitations of eating out - especially desserts! My best friend solved this problem, opening Sugar Suite, a gluten-, peanut- and tree nut-free bakery in Oakville, Ontario in 2018. Read the whole post here.

This sauce is amazing because it used up all the leftovers I had in the fridge - the last of those pesky carrots, celery sticks, or whatever other veggies you have are fair game in this sauce. It was awesome for the belly and for the soul, knowing I wasn't wasting any of my precious produce.